Coronavirus Guidance (Updated 24th March)

Dear church, as a response to the global pandemic now affecting our own nation, here's some important information for us:

What are we doing:

  • Cleaning the building thoroughly, especially common touchpoints (eg. all doorhandles) every 24 hours.
  • Taking the health crisis seriously, in touch with NHS and BU daily.
  • Sending all staff (except cleaning) to work from home as of Tue 17th March
  • Creating a database of any church member who is either vulnerable or in isolation in order to provide appropriate pastoral and practical care.
  • Going online for Sunday services, as well as prayer meetings, staff meetings, leadership meetings, prayer ministry, kids meetings and youth meetings. Good Friday and Easter Sunday services will be online.

What are we not doing:

  • Visiting anyone in person (groceries, prayer, phone calls and lots of love still provided)
  • All church and community ministries are cancelled until further notice. This includes our members AGM tomorrow 25th March.
  • The church building is closed to everyone until further notice.
  • There will be no baptisms at Easter as planned.

What you should do:

  • Wash your hands, regularly, for 20 seconds at a time.
  • Stay home for 14 days (with everyone in your house) if you’re showing symptoms like coughing or fever.
  • Stay at home, in line with government guidelines, for the next 3 weeks minimum – applies to everyone from 23rd March
  • Tell us how we can serve you best (via Phil and Margaret).
  • Love your neighbours (from your home).
  • Pray for your government.

We have a great opportunity to re-present Jesus to a worried world right now, He offers us wisdom and peace in place of worry.

Love in Jesus

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